One more weekend gone...almost.

I did get a lot out of this weekend. I organized some more of my Craft stuff. I did get up a bit of an altar. It lacks the personal flair that I'd like to add, and is definitely more shrinish than altar-ish. Its atop a bookcase, which works fine for me. I did want to put it by the window, but for some reason dottie-cat has attached herself to me and likes to sit in the window. She's very graceful, but I'd rather not put breakable sacredness in her way. I'll take a photo of my current altar and post it. It's nothing special at all, really- just a very basic traditional Wiccan altar- no athame, but everything else I need for circle is there, pretty much.

In addition to that, on Friday, I took a ride to storage (if you follow me on twitter, you may remember my twitpic!). Other than that, we have no AC so it's been hotter than a muther. Which means not much else got done other than swimming. I haven't even been eating much lately. So, I'm looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow. Who actually says that, right? I tend to lose weight when I'm not trying, and NOT when I actually give a crap. I've lost a little more than 20 pounds since September. Not trying, really- stress, I guess helps out a bit? Hey- I'll take what I can get! I've had a relaxing weekend, totally blew off unpacking more- it's really too too hot to do any of that crap. When its over 95 in the house- you are SO over physical labor. Hopefully it will cool down this week so that we can get our room together and Ben can go to Savers this weekend.

I wanted to have a Lughnasadh party this year. But maybe next year, I can't see getting everything together for a big shindig. Maybe I'll have a few people over and have a carbalicious potluck. For those who don't know, Lughnasadh is an Irish celebration of the first (grain) harvest. So, many people (like me) bake bread as an offering purposes(and for feasting afterwards). Last year was the first time I baked bread from scratch. NOW I have acccess to a breadmaker- watch out world! Lughnasadh is also sometimes thought of as the God Lugh's funeral, but really- it was also a celebration of his mother's funeral. In her honor, the Irish celebrated with the Tailtean games (Lugh's mom was named Tailte). Lots of athletic games were held in her honor.

Oh! Another thing I did this weekend was create a necklace, a bracelet, and some petite prayer beads- 28 lunar goddess prayer beads. I LOVE these because they are the size of a really large bracelet. You can slip it on your wrist easy enough, and you can roll them right into your hands. SO thrilled with these. It's already late tonight, but maybe tomorrow night, I might blog about how I take photos for my ecrater shop. :) It's not perfect or pretty but it works okay!

Tomorrow is a work day, but I had such a forcibly relaxing weekend, I think I'm actually okay with that. Even though I DID get a sunburn. I like it when my hubby puts aloe on me. ;)


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