The New Altar. Or Lack of One Altogether.

So, I've decided that its time to put together an altar in here here room. However, there isn't room for the kind I like. So, it will have to be the top of a bookcase... but I'm gonna be cool with that. I'm trying to decide if its going to be shriny, or Wiccan altary. So I want to include my trad altar, or just make it a shrine? Or both.

See, before, I had shelves and sconces, etc., but they would look silly in this room. I have been so ridiculously stressed out at work (I know, I need to call the EAP) that I feel that I should be doing daily devotions. I just a) need to create a sacred space and b) need to figure out my daily devotional prayer.

I got beads to make prayer beads (and came up with a kick ass goddess string) and that might be helpful... lighting candles seem to be silly cause Id have to a) leave them unattended, or b) have to put them out right away. So I need to find some other way. I was thinking of creating a tree from branches and tying a ribbon on the branches each day. I have TONS of ribbon. Like TONS. My altar is a complete blank slate now, a flat wooden shelf with my coven's working book of shadows at one end. I'll post a photo of course, once its done.

Sorry if it offends you conservative facebookers (since the blog is fed to facebook). Okay, I'm not really SORRY sorry- but you can unfriend me if you really want to. I wouldn't like that- but you hafta do whatcha hafta do. :)

Blessed be!


Wormwood said...

I tried to link your blog to my blog, but I am not sure if it worked. I find Blogger SO frustrating! But I did try.

Great blog, btw!

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