I hate it when people don't tell you the whole truth. Or omit something that they know would piss you off. Or secretly delay saying that they won't be able to make a scheduled gathering so that it's dropped on you at the last moment- completely screwing already created plans, and not giving people a chance to change/correct/fix plans so that they aren't so screwed. That is SO inconsiderate. This has happened to me so much lately, I'd think that someone is whispering in peoples' ears that they should do this. It makes me distrustful. Is that a word? Not trusty? Whatever.

That being said, its Monday. And I'm SO tired. I said to Ben last night that I would help go through boxes and stuff this evening. So we can take stuff to storage and stuff. But lawdy, lawdy, Im so tired. I couldn't sleep last night, and then around 2AM, I had to take an Atarax because I was itching so much. A side effect of Atarax is sleepiness, and it makes me sleep like a log. So I was completely dizzy and groggy this morning and almost fell asleep driving to work. Its so funny because medications like Atarax and Xanax do not make me sleepy, unless I need them to. But when it does make me sleepy, I SLEEP!

I may do laundry tonight. Let me tell you how awesome it is having a washer and dryer available. Our situation may not be the best, but it's definitely nice having that around. I feel spoiled now- with my own room, washer and dryer, etc... but the problem I'm having is that now that Ben and I have our own spaces- while its great- I find that I miss having him in the same room as me all the time. Now, THATS something I didn't expect! So, I must make up for that with snuggles! More later!


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