Can I Have a Side of Asbestos With That, Please?

It’s Thursday? Already?! Where did the week go? Why do I feel so behind?

Well, I guess I’m not that behind- did some required shopping and stuff last night. Although I still haven’t had enough time to send out an evite for next weeks event. I don’t know that anyone will really show up, save for our prospective aspirant. It will be fun, no matter what, though. J I don’t know that I’ve blogged about this, but last week, the kitchen flooded. Something broke in the fridge, and water was everywhere. Since then, they’ve had giant blowers and humidifiers, and all kinds of emergency water damage stuff going on. Well, yesterday they finally picked up the blowers. They sent the floor out be tested, and it turns out that not the floor, but the stuff under the floor has asbestos in it. Hooray! This means that the kitchen will be off limits while they tear it all up. Nothing says fun like trying to keep seven animals out of a plastic wrapped room. And I don’t really know how off-limits, “off-limits” is. Does that mean we can’t go in there to get food? How will we eat? How long will it take? Lots of questions- but I’m rarely home this week as it is, so it won’t affect me as much as it will my dear hubby and his folks.

Tonight I head off to my BFFs house to rehearse and talk about this weekend’s circle. As we haven’t done it in like, two or three years, we’ll need a bit of a refresher, I assume. I’m so excited to officially welcome these two new sisters into our circle. And then, next week’s event will be fun, as well. One of those most fun things about next weeks event is that its so community, that we all get to participate equally- even our guests. I just have to choose which Goddess I will choose to represent. Last time, I did Inanna- that was really fun. I’m thinking possibly Bast this time. I’m very Brighid and Hestia focused on a regular basis, so part of me wants to go outside what I’m used to and research another Goddess. SO fun. I wish we did this every month. And of course I will share pictures. :)


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