And June rolls on... (aka My Poor Husband)

And June rolls on...

I'm finally living a hive-free life (hope I didn't jix it), an over my cold and am just dealing with the dregs of allergies. My husband, however- not so much. Last night, we had to go to Urgent Care, because he was having kidney pain. Yep- you guessed it! Kidney stones! So, they gave him a Demerol shot, and a Rx and sent him home with a little cup to pee in. The cup has a screen in it. It's really weird.

I told him he should tweet a photo of the one stone he already has passed. He said that was wrong.I laughed my ass off, and tweeted (of course) to get my friends' thoughts on posting kidney stone photos. These are the responses so far.

JenTucker: @ivyartemisia I'm with your husband on this one
NoixdeeCoco: @ivyartemisia That would be wrong, but I personally think medical stuff is cool. XD So I say rock on. (
bloodrose80: @ivyartemisia DARNIT (Mr. Ivy)!!! TAKE A PICTURE AND TWEET IT!!!!

My favorite is Heathers.
hearsegirl: @ivyartemisia he should have it set in silver and wear it around his neck. I have spoken. how many carats?

I feel so bad for him. He had these once before, in 1997. I also feel a little bad for me. How the hell am I supposed to pack up the rest of the house and get it all moved and sorted out by myself. I took care of all of my hard stuff already, because I figured, Hubby's at home, and can take care of the rest of things this week. And I wanted to just chill and relax a bit, after being so sick. Hah! The Gods laugh at my pre-planning! Screw you, Ivy, with your Virgo-ness! It doesn't matter what you do, after all!

Anyway, he's drinking water like a banshee! I don't know why I said that. It makes no sense whatsoever. But he is drinking a lot of water.

Tonight is the regular Wednesday night extravaganza at my mom's house. Every Wednesday night, my immediate female family and cousins come over to hang out. We take turns cooking every Wednesday- and we all have such different cooking styles, we get to try some different things. Some of us prepare more "foodie" stuff, and some of us (me) sometimes end making bean and cheese burritos! Anyway, its really nice to hang out with my sister, mom, and all my girl cousins. Tonight, we have two more cousins coming- 2 boys- and they are probably swimming at my moms as I type this. Lucky little brats. Just kidding, they are nice kids- but I'd much rather be there, than here.

Monday evening was the Dark/New moon which means emotional time for me. Add that to the worst. period. ever, and I'm one oversensitive witchypoo right now. I love the new moon... but about every other new moon, I'm so emotionally out of whack, its hard to focus enough to Work. Monday would have been a good time to analyse the energy of my new temple space (its the room with the creepiest vibe in the house), but it just didn't happen. Oh well, I'll do a little research and reschedule that. It definitely will need some sage and a good word, or two. Maybe even three.


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