Tomorrow is Moving Day | Dancing


So, tomorrow is moving day! For those who don’t know, my husband and I are moving in with his parents! No, we won’t be total moochers- we’ll be covering cable, phone and internet, at least. There are far more pros than cons about this move.

Loss of total control over my environment
Moving is a pain in the ass
Having more food in the house could enable me to snack more- NO!

Saving money
Can FINALLY pay down some of our bills
I get a temple/craft room of my very own (but its more crowded in there than I expected, I have a lot of stuff)
Inherit some pets
I can cook meat again! Hooray!
My MIL and hubby will do most of the cooking, so I will be eating healthier
Nicer neighborhood
Less stress
Nice WARM pool- it’s a black bottom pool
Big cement backyard- MIL says we can even circle or have a party or whatever we want
Our own bathroom, so that’s cool- at least I only have to worry about cleaning that one- its smaller, but its less to clean, right?
Hubby and I will have our own TV room/ living area (formerly a playroom), and I think we’ll be bringing the treadmill in from the backyard

Having a treadmill in our living area would be awesome, because I could watch TV while walking! I’m not really on a diet, perse, but I would like to get more in shape. Speaking of being in shape, I’m addicted to dance videos on youtube. I used to dance- ever since I was 5 or so. Jazz, tap, hip-hop, a little ballet for technique- I still love dance. For awhile, I taught ‘size-acceptance’ dance classes. It’s probably good that I’m overweight, otherwise, I might get back into it- taking on another project. One thing that I am kind of into is bellydance. No worries, I will not be buying an outfit like that and posting ‘sexy’ pictures on here. But, really, bellydancing is SO fun, and it just kicks my ass. I have taken a few informal workshops, and I DVR Shimmy on Fit TV- it’s pretty cool, actually. I’d love to take classes, though. After I walk a lot and get my stamina back up. I’ve been overweight for awhile, but I’ve always been the fat chick that goes hiking and dancing, and all of that. Evidently, I’ve been a lazy lump lately, as a brisk walk can leave me winded, now. My outside is my outside… I may be overweight, but believe it or not, it’s possible to be overweight and be in good shape. I’d love to get back in shape and take some adult dance classes. I’d love to take an exotic dance class. I think that so many women stretch themselves so thin over mundane (there’s that word again) things in life- that we forget to take the time to reconnect with our sensuality (and sexuality).

I feel that movement through music is one of the best ways to connect with the divine within oneself. Feeling the music, and just dancing to it- not just the smooth undulations of bellydancers, or the sometimes frenzied dancing at a drum circle, but even hip-hop and contemporary dance can put you in a place outside of time.

But sometimes it’s tough to find time to get in a place outside of time. I’m halfway there.

Oh, by the way... photos of the pets are coming, as soon as my computer is hooked up and I can get my camera card in and photos transferred.


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