The Worst is Over. I Hope.

Well, the move this weekend went well, I suppose. Saturday morning, we picked up the U-Haul with distressing news that we had to have it back by 4, as someone else had reserved it for that time. All in all, I guess we should be grateful we were even able to get a truck on the last weekend of the month. But with hubbys dad and BFF not able to help until noonish, it was a little stressful- but they were able to get all of the big furniture out- the fridge, the entertainment center, the dresser, the computer desks, the dining room table, and the bar buffet. We also moved the bed over, so that we could sleep at the house Saturday night. Sunday morning I slept in. Partially because I was medicated, partially because I was exhausted. I know I didn’t do as much heavy lifting as hubby et all, did, but still. So tired. I’m still tired. Moving is a pain in the ass. We still have all kinds of little things at the apartment and Ben is taking care of that- hopefully today. More craft stuff, my jewelry armoire, some kitchen stuff, sewing machine and a bunch of his stuff. I just can’t wait for it to be OVER. I wish I hadn’t been sick last month, as I really wanted to take a couple vaca days to help, so hubby wouldn’t have to do all of it himself. But, that’s out of my control.

I started to get the hives again last night, and I’m really happy I have an appointment at the allergy doctor today. I’m taking off early. I’m really looking forward to getting it addressed. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to make a second appointment for an allergy test, but at least I will be making the effort to live hive free. They drive me batty. This is the seventh time they’ve come back in about five weeks. So awesome. Evil hives.


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