Why do steroids make my tummy hurt?

So last night, I slept like absolute crapola. I woke up once, gasping for breath. I think. I can't remember much, but I remember Ben sounding worried and making me drink water. Then I had one helluva nightmare. Followed by a bathroom trip. If that wasn't enough to ensure me a crappy morning, I woke up itchy. No! I refuse! No hives for me. So, I took some steroid pills and a Claritin and feel less itchy now. Unfortunately, the steroids KILL my stomach. Yes, I follow directions and take them with food, but it doesn't seem to help. They also make me really HOT. Not in the good way, either, you know? So, I'm chillin' in my not-up-to-dress-code tank top with my skirt today at work. Well, at least I'm here.

On the positive side, Hubby feels better. :) A little bit. I left him a few Aleve so that he can try those, instead of the crazy strong pain medicine today. I haven't heard from him yet, though. Tonight, my plan was to start packing up the kitchen. And I still might, but I'm feeling kinda awful again. I really think its the steroids. Or maybe just the crap sleep. When I don't sleep enough I get super nauseated and feel like ick until I sleep. Someone has to pack, though, and I don't know if I have it in me to wait another day.

Moving will be happening this weekend, but I've already informed Ben that I am not moving. I will pack. I will unpack. I will run for food. I will do the hokey pokey and turn myself around. But I won't move anything. My back is already sore, and I have no more sick days at work (thanks, hives, I appreciate it muchly), so I can't afford to get all jacked up. Just hope his family doesn't think less of me, or think I'm lazy or something! Sometimes I need to watch out for myself, and not worry about what other people think... gotta do what's best for me. I will post some photos of my new little "studio/temple" once we get everything situated.

And I guess I should post photos of my new pets. Yep, I'm going to be living with three dogs and four cats. The dogs are adorable... and all of the cats are, except for one. The Bitch. Oh. Her name is actually Dottie, but she's SUCH a bitch, that everyone calls her the Bitch. She's a calico. Which probably went without saying. But I DO have to say that not all calicos are crazy (like some people say). My ex-boyfriend had a sweet calico. At least I think she was a calico. I'm not really a cat person. But she was sweet. I have a thing with cats. When I was small, I spent the night at a friends house- we were inthe living room, and her cat wouldn't stop attacking my feet in my sleep. It made me REALLY upset (and hurt), and she wouldn't put the cat up. I think I ended up calling my mom to come get me. Ever since then, I have a healthy respect (fear?) of cats.

I'm a dog person. Hands down.


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