Ouija Board: Soon to be a DIY post

Okay, so I think I’m going to work on making a new Ouija board. I did start one (woodburning), but I forgot to put YES and NO on it. No, really. I AM that lame. So, inspired by a post at MW, I decided to go to amazon to look at the different styles of Ouija. And OMG the reviews are HIGHLARIOUS! So, I will share some with you. The last one, is my ultimate fave. I love sarcasm.

the first time i played this game...i thought it would be amazing! my friends and i all gathered around and then suddenly my friend started to bleed out of her mouth...it was scary..the next she died. i'm sad.

i went to my friends house for a sleepover and me and anotehr frend brught the board cuz u kno we dont want no eveil in our hoouse soo yah nd then it like was mvioing nd we asked it are you a good spirit nd it was like no nd then my friend starting caughing nd we were like whats wrong nd she just got up nd walked out of the house.... we were so scared so we asked what did you do to her? nd it was like youll see.. so i was soo scared i started to cry... we decided to stop nd we called for our friend but there was no reply that night i could hardly sleep the next day our friend called.. she sounded normal but we found otu later she wasnt.... we took out the board again [ stupidly] but this time there was a nice spirit.. so everything was good.. but then we got a nock at our door,, we went to answer it nd it was our friend .. she was covered in dirt nd was smiling evily it was soo creepy .. we asked wut was wrong nd she said nothing nd turned around nd left.. we never saw her again. =\\ ... i guess it can be good or bad.. mostly bad so DOTN USE IT .... R.i.p - j.w. - we mis you nd we're sorry..

The country of Mexico has a huge population of its society who uses this Ouija board and the endresult for some of them is demonic possession, for others it is death.

The bottom review could be a demon possessing a young man or woman and using him or her as a tool in order to write that review. The spelling is all wrong(all twisted)but everyone knows that the Ouija Board has been given life by the satanic bible. For those that don't know in this 2006 AD the Ouija board has been around for many years and years, and this is just an evil tool which many classify as good clean innocent fun but it is all a lie. This is a tool which has been created by Satan in order to capture your soul. We are in the last times and Jesus Christ is coming back, so i say to you repent and change from your wicked(evil) ways. All other religions don't offer salvation, only Christianity and Judaism do. The rest only lead to hell. Jesus Christ is the creator of the solar systems and everything that exists, including you, and using this Ouija board only angers God. People who do magic are bound to go to hell for ETERNITY. Save your soul(and People will laugh at this review) but it is good to be laughed at for this review, but to save some souls in the end, because many people are going to the lake of fire(HELL) because of playing with Magic (Ouija, using satanic bible, and being a witch, etc.)If you play with magic then you are Satanic 100 percent. Give up the devil satan, and come to Christ. Jesus Christ is Life, Eternity, Salvation, and True Love, give up this evil ouija board before it is to late. The road to Heaven is very narrow and few will make it. Judgement day will come some day soon and there will be no more cities nor even amazon.com but all of us will be facing God and we will be judged according to our acts. Don't be dumb, don't be stupid, give up this evil satanic magic forever!!

Listen whoever think this is a toy will be in deep trouble me and my friend were playing this and the spirit said it would kill us and he was in our room and then my friend got sick...he's not dead but we decided to first ask if it was going to hurt us...then ask if it was going to kill us if it said no both times we would talk with it. We met a humorous ghost named Sam we talked for about an half hour and listen If the spirit says it will hurt toy lift the object up and turn on the lightsalso if you can speak to animals you have extreamly high spirit power (only me and another person in the whole school can do that.

If you look at the history of the Ouija (if you go into depth on the subject) it is quite obvious (and everyone knows this)that this board has a Satanic spell on it in order to bring life to it.

This is not a toy. Amazon, how DARE you put this dangeruos occult device in a toy section! there have been many people who have gotten possed by demons through this "toy". I remeber a few years ago I went over to my grandparents house. they had an ouija. I refused to use it (the bible says not to & i am a bible believeing mormon), but my brother and my cousin did. It kept on telling them to "make a wall of blood". They said "what do you mean" and it said " lake eerie (a local lake) take a boat to middle cut yourself put dop [sic] f [sic] blood in wter [sic]." That sounded suspicious. my grandma came downstairs all upset screaming that she heard a laugh and heavy breathing while she was making cookies. well, she saw them playng with the ouija and she took it and lit a fire in the fireplace and threw it in. it screamed a horrible scream that caused my grampa's ears to bleed. we later googled and found out that it was an ancient ritual to cut yourself and put a drop of blood in a lake that somebody died in to give them control of your body. the night that happned my borther complained of hearing somebody whisper "make a wall, make a wall of your blood." in his ear. i put holy water around his room and it stopped. sadly i couldnt give this evil thing 0 stars. STAY AWAY THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO MAKE IT!!! All you skeptics, go get a board and tell it to posses your body. see what happens. you wont be a skeptic anymore!!

Erm....I don't know if anybody will read this but I need some help. You see, I was playing with this Ouija board and I became possessed and ended up throwing myself off my Grandma's balcony into her prize roses. It wasn't the height that killed me because she lives on the ground floor but one of the thorns pierced my heart and I bled to death. Thing is, I am now stuck between parallels because I forgot my GPS for the after life and don't know where I am. If you buy the game just dial my cell phone and talk me


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