Mundane Ish, and more Mid Year Resolutions

One of my witchy friends, Valora, refers to her day job as her “mundane.” So true.

There are two main reasons why I might refer to my job as my mundane. Not only is it mundane as in boring, and repetitive, but I guess I have a “side job” creating jewelry. More of a hobby than anything else, but this year, I did reach out and create a little website where people can purchase my jewelry and crafts. Not like it’s really a “business,” but it’s a way to pay for my hobby. Crafting is anything but mundane. The other reason why I could easily refer to my day job as “mundane” is that a lot of my time is taken up with magickal activities. Besides leading a Wiccan coven (which takes more time than one would ever expect), I also manage the online school portion of a Pagan-oriented message board. I also teach Wicca classes from time to time, and I have a few online magickal classes that I teach as well. Another project of mine is working on a Wicca 101 type book (possibly a workbook type book), for those new to the craft who would like a little structure to their studies, and hopefully, it would also easily lend itself to study groups. Sometimes I do a little bit of spiritual counseling- mainly online. This is in addition to my personal Craft practices, of course. So, I guess my non-mundane job would be Wiccan Priestess, with a side of jewelry crafting.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a full time temple priestess? To create incense for offerings, pour libations to the Gods, to keep the altar. To divine and counsel and help those in need. To teach the ways of the Goddess to those who truly seek Her. Sounds simple and beautiful.

In southern California, I find my life is SO busy. I know that this is a choice I make, a choice that often I’m driven to make. I need to make my appointments, to catch up with old friends, to work on some jewelry, to plan this ritual, to work on my book, or work on educating a new online teacher. I need to re-organize all my digital information for the Coven. I know I’ve taken on too many responsibilities, and I think I need to relax more (Here is where my husband would say- “ya think?). I haven’t allowed myself a lot of introspective time- I always want my brain to be busy… I even read in the shower. when I should be relaxing (but I DO enjoy it). I put a lot of pressure on myself to make a difference. To do a great job, and to REALLY make a difference for people in some positive way, whether its at work, or online, or for friends. Now I don’t have delusions of grandeur, but I really think I can make a difference or help, sometimes. But as I write this, I realize that in order to be able to do that, I really need to help myself.

So, here are MORE mid-year resolutions!

1. To relax more often and use that introspective time to learn more about myself and my personal connection with Her
2. To not force myself to work on projects/hobbies
3. To not compare myself to others with similar projects/hobbies (I always always always find fault with myself)
4. To not be competitive with my peers, friends and family. No one is BETTER than I am. I am no BETTER than they are. I am just me.
5. To not stress out, and manage my sense of urgency when it comes to projects- everything doesn’t need to be done right this very second!
6. To focus on reading tarot……………………

Wait! Scratch #6. No more projects for now. Not until I can relax and restore a little bit of balance. The weirdest thing about it, though, is that I FEEL balanced. Being overscheduled creates this false sense of balance in me, as I feel like everything is perfect if I’m always busy doing something. When really, pre-childbearing, I should be relaxing as much as I can. I know once I have kids, my life will drastically change.

So- in order to alleviate my stress and get to the ‘temple priestess’ place, I think I’m going to do the following things to help me reach those resolution/goals starting July 1:

1. Only work on jewelry for fun- don’t feel like you HAVE to add new things to your site.
2. Stop reading in the shower. Seriously. Let your brain actually unwind.
3. Remember that you are who you are. You have a happy family , a wonderful husband, and that’s more than a lot of people have. There is no BETTER.
4. Not take on any new projects for at least a month
5. Remember that I’m JUST a project admin- the world won’t end if I don’t visit the message board every single day
6. Don’t take things too seriously. Relax.


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