The Ridiculousness of People

I got this IM tonight. It cracked my (fat) ass up.

mystica_eremita_19: Hello
barefoot_witchy: hello
mystica_eremita_19: how are you?
barefoot_witchy: not bad.
barefoot_witchy: yourself?
mystica_eremita_19 is typing a message.
mystica_eremita_19: FUCKING FATASS
barefoot_witchy: Thats nice.
barefoot_witchy: See, I care NOTHING about you.
barefoot_witchy: Really.
barefoot_witchy: So, if that was meant to hurt my feelings, you are seriously off the mark.
barefoot_witchy: Hello?
barefoot_witchy: Stop masturbating and pay attention.
barefoot_witchy: You obviously need some new material.
barefoot_witchy: See, my fat ass gets sex on the regular. Unlike you, obviously. You have some pent up angst. I can tell.
barefoot_witchy: ...

I don't know why he didn't IM me back?


Steph said...


People are random. And idiots. <3 (this is @aniraangel, so you know. :) )

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